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School Council

Calgary Arts Academy School Council is a group of parents and teachers who work together with the Campus Adminstrators to support the well-being and effectiveness of the entire school community.

As parents, you are all members of School Council, as well as our fundraising arm, School Council Society. As such, you are invited to all meetings. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, starting at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom. See the weekly School Council update for details.

CAA School Council activities include:

  • Community pancake breakfast

  • CAA Art Harvest event

  • Regular special lunches for students

  • Knob Hill Halloween dance

  • Student courses and parent education workshops

  • Garden and facility enhancement

  • Staff appreciation lunches

  • Charitable drives including The Veterans Food Bank Drive and The Loonie and Toonie Drive

We look forward to working together throughout the school year.  Your support is very important to the education of our children and to the enhancement of our community.

We welcome any questions, comments or feedback.  Please feel free to contact us.

CAA School Council Bylaws

School Council Society

CAA School Council Society is a registered society whose main role is to fundraise in order for CAA School Council to achieve its goals. These funds are used to enhance the learning environment of our school through the purchase of technology, and music, drama, and gym equipment.

With the guidance of our Principal, we identify current educational needs within the school and raise funds accordingly. We focus on fundraisers that provide value to our parents and students, either directly or through community building.

CAA School Council Society’s fundraisers include:

  • Special lunches

  • Knob Hill Halloween dance

  • Student created art cards

  • Community grants

  • Operation of a scheduled casino, a critical fundraiser for CAA.

CAA School Council Society Bylaws

Oil Painting Workshop
CAA School Council: Student Life
CAA School Council: List
CAA School Council: List
CAA School Council: List
CAA School Council: List
CAA School Council: List
CAA School Council: List
CAA School Council: List
CAA School Council: List
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