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CAA Middle School Campus Rosscarrock

1406 - 40 Street SW
Calgary, AB T3C 1W7

Year 4 to Year 9

Applications are accepted on an on-going basis for the 2024-2025 school year and beyond. 

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Application Information

In addition to the application form, please include the supporting documents:

  • Copy of your child's identification document, such as birth certificate.

  • Copy of your child's most recent report card (for Year 4 to Year 9 applications).

  • Any relevant educational documents, such as IPPs or specialized assessments.

  • $50 administrative fee.
    We accept​ cash, cheque, credit cards (please, no AMEX), and e-transfers. If you submit your application by email, you will receive instructions on how to make the payment using either a credit card or an e-transfer. 

How to submit the completed application
Send the application and supporting documents:


Please combine documents into one or two PDF's.  Photographs of student identification are acceptable. 


Calgary Arts Academy

Attn: Registrar

640 - 14 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2G 1E8

In Person

Applications can be dropped off in person at any of our three campuses during office hours. 


Questions?  Contact admissions (403) 532-3020 Option 3. 

New Student Auditions

Students in Year 4 to 9 will be asked to audition as part of the application process when a space is offered. They will choose one art form to share, either in dance, drama, music, visual, literary or media arts.

For example, if the student is a painter, they can show a painting they recently completed and talk about it, or if they are a dancer, they can perform a dance and so on.  The purpose of the audition is for the student to demonstrate to us that they have a sincere interest in the arts and are willing to share their art with a group.  Their audience will be CAA team members and other auditioning students.  

Auditions are not competitive and are based on our Circle of Courage and pillars. They are meant to show a willingness to share their art form with a group, rather their demonstrate their proficiency level. 


Next Steps 

Next Steps

  • You will receive confirmation that the application has been received. All applications received will be reviewed to ensure they are completed. 

  • An application is considered complete once all required elements have been received. 

  • Applications will be added to our wait list, based on the date the completed application is received.

Available spaces are offered to applicants on a first-come, first-served basis, with siblings of current students receiving priority until September 30 of each school year. Applications that remain on the wait list are transferred to the wait lists for the following school year and next grade level.  

An administrator will review the completed application package when the student's name is at the top of the wait list. We may ask for updated report cards, IPPs and specialized assessments if the information on file is no longer current. 

Families that receive an offer will also have an audition date and time scheduled. 

School Information

Click for more information about school resource fees, transportation, school calendar and more. 

Before and after school care is available for students in Kindergarten to Year 5 and is located on site at our Elementary School Knob Hill Campus.

Student Care

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