All students who have a sincere interest in the arts (music, drama, dance, visual and literary arts) and have a good academic history are welcome to apply at Calgary Arts Academy.

Registration inquiries can be directed to Kevin Loftus, Registrar by email to or by phone at (403) 532-3020, Extension 4372.

Application Process

1. Tour of the School

We ask that parents attend a scheduled tour of the school.  This is to help the parent determine whether or not CAA is a good fit for your child.

We are not able to provide tours of our schools at this time.  We hope that you will enjoy the following virtual tours:

Year 4 to 9 – Education Centre at Stampede Park’s Youth Campus




Stay tuned for the virtual tour of our elementary campus.

You are welcome to submit an application package at any time before or after you have toured the school.

2. Registration

  • Complete the “Request to Register a Student” form and submit to the office, in person or to fax number (403) 217-0965.
  • The “Request to Register a Student” form, plus the items listed below, are required in order to be placed on the waiting list.
  • Date of submission will be noted on the registration form.
  • Provide copies of your child’s birth certificate and most recent report card (plus any other relevant documents, such as IPPs, etc.,) plus a $50.00 admin fee.
  • Submissions are reviewed for completeness upon receipt.  You will be contacted for any missing elements.
  • Submissions are reviewed for enrolment eligibility when the applicant’s name appears next on the wait list.
  • Note that transportation forms and immunization records are not required until a space has been offered to your child.
  • The “Request to Register a Student” package can be submitted at any time before or after you have toured the school.

Click here for the “Request to Register a Student” form.

3. Intake Meeting at the School

All short-listed students and their parents are required to attend a presentation at the school that will outline the program offered at CAA. Intake meetings occur in early spring and you will receive correspondence from us with details when your child is short-listed.

4. Student Audition (Year 4 Plus)

  • Students must demonstrate an interest in one of the arts.
  • Students in Year 4 and older must audition.
  • The student may choose their art form – music, art, dance, drama or literary art.
  • The audition is meant to reveal student willingness to perform and commitment to the school, rather than their proficiency level.

5. Acceptance

Congratulations! You will receive correspondence from us advising of your acceptance.

6. Summer Orientation Day

The summer orientation day occurs the day before regular classes begin for the new school year.

The orientation day introduces Calgary Arts Academy’s pillars to new students, and provides information on Mindfulness and the five art forms. Attendance by all new students is mandatory.