Ms. Rae Ann Van Beers Kindergarten Facilitator

  • Email
  • Favourite art form Textile arts, literary art
  • Hometown Hays, AB
  • Favourite movie Anne of Green Gables
  • Favourite food Potatoes
  • Favourite music Anything at all
  • Favourite play Wicked
  • Favourite quote In a world where you can be anything, be kind.
  • Hobbies Reading, sewing, crocheting, playing violin
  • Something not commonly known about me The K to 9 school that I went to was so small that there were only 7 kids in my grade.

After being a substitute teacher at Calgary Arts Academy for two years, Rae Ann Van Beers is thrilled to be a regular addition to this lively and welcoming community! With previous teaching experience at the secondary and post-secondary level, teaching Kindergarten will be a new, exciting adventure for her. Her love of music, literature, and textile arts is a perfect fit for a creative and engaged Kindergarten classroom. Having worked with Sarah Humphrey previously, Rae Ann is confident they will make a great team that always puts the needs and interests of CAA’s youngest learners first.