Mr. Edward Mitchell Dance / Movement Artist

  • Email
  • Favourite art form Dance improvisation
  • Hometown Calgary, Alberta
  • Favourite movie L.A. Story
  • Favourite food Thai curries
  • Favourite music 90s alternative rock, breaks/break beat music
  • Favourite quote We learn NOT what we are told, but what we live.
  • Hobbies Moonlights as a deejay, nerf gun enthusiast.
  • Something not commonly known about me I work and play with a young person who is autistic.

Mr. Mitchell started at Calgary Arts Academy in 2009.  He studied in the Program of Dance at the University of Calgary.

He is most passionate about dance improvisation, and deejaying comes as a close second.

He enjoys being part of Calgary Arts Academy as it is an extremely challenging and unique environment to create in.