William Shakespeare’s Star Wars – The Empire Striketh Back

Empire Striketh Back Oct 2014Students in House King are well into their cross-curricular production of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars- The Empire Striketh Back. 

In Social Studies, Year 9 students are learning the principles of democracy and leadership as they immerse themselves as directors in this complex play. They are also exploring concepts in math through the use of 3-D composite solids in their work designing sets pieces for the production.

As a component of their investigations in science, students in Year 8 have been examining the relationships between organisms and the environment as they examine their characters from a multitude of possible intergalactic locations, as well as using paper craft models in math to learn surface area and volume while creating teaser animations for the production.

Our students are very excited to share all of their hard work with a performance open to the general public at the John Dutton Theatre in the downtown central library. There will be a condensed version performed during the noon hour on November 4, 2014.  On the same day, there will be a full length evening performance from 7:00 to 9:00pm.

In addition, students will perform at the Knob Hill Middle School campus on November 3.

As always, May the Force be with you!