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Ms. Ranjene Mazumdar

Ranjene has been writing stories and poetry, drawing pictures, travelling, and dancing since she was a child.  She gets her artistic talents from her Dad who is an Architect/Percussionist and her Mom who is a Singer/Music Teacher; growing up in a family with a great love for the Performing Arts and Travel. She performed extensively in her teens, with training in Indian Classical Dance in Calgary and India, often accompanying her musician parents on stage.

Ranjene has 3 degrees from the University of Calgary; B.A., English Honours (2007) B.A., Film Studies/Film Production (SAIT 2012) and B.A. Secondary Education (2017). She has received numerous academic merit scholarships and awards for her films, including 2 AMPIA nominations.

Highlights from her career include; working for CBC radio for ‘Homestretch Bookmark’ (2003) where she interviewed authors like Margaret Atwood, Douglas Coupland, and Anne-Marie McDonald among others, Art Department residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts, ‘Women in the Director’s Chair’ (2004) OMNI television (2012) and directing various films through grants from NUTV, Herland, and Quickdraw Animation Society (2010-2012).

Ranjene’s teaching experience includes specializations in English Language Learning (ELL) and Learning Disabilities (LD). She also has a strong background in psychology and is well versed in issues surrounding mental health. She taught Business/Conversational English at Berlitz Academy, and was a Homeroom, ELA, Health, and Psychology High School teacher at Sacred Heart Convent School in Bangkok, Thailand, where she lived for two years. She has taught at Foothills Academy where she worked with Elementary and High school students with a range of learning disabilities and acquired training in the Lindamood Sequencing Program and Early Literacy. Ranjene also has 3 years of experience as a Youth Development Specialist with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary (Beltline Youth Centre) teaching Art classes and leading Education/Employment workshops for homeless, ‘at-risk’, and refugee/immigrant youth. As such, she has training in Suicide Intervention, Non-Violent-Crisis-Intervention, Aboriginal Awareness, and Cultural Diversity. Ranjene is a passionate artist/writer and has her own greeting card business ‘Rocketfly Designs’ that showcases her visual art/photograpy-available at various vendors across the city.

As an Artist and Educator, Ranjene is passionate about helping her students reach their highest potential and is committed to lifelong learning. She is grateful to be a part of the CAA community and hopes to make a positive impact in the lives of her students.

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Ms. Chantal Connolly

Chantal Connolly attended the University of Calgary where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Dance. Throughout her degree she participated in travel studies where she took dance classes around the world, most notably, she has travelled to Guinea West Africa, Cuba, Poland, Finland, and France.

After her degree she trained in the Professional Training Program at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks for three years. Chantal has been teaching dance in and around Calgary for the past twelve years, and has just completed her Bachelor of Education specializing in elementary education at the University of Calgary.

She is ecstatic to be joining the Year 1 Team at Calgary Arts Academy.

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Mr. Edward Mitchell

Mr. Mitchell started at Calgary Arts Academy in 2009.  He studied in the Program of Dance at the University of Calgary.

He is most passionate about dance improvisation, and deejaying comes as a close second.

He enjoys being part of Calgary Arts Academy as it is an extremely challenging and unique environment to create in.

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