School Council Society Members

Calgary Arts Academy School Council Society members for the 2014-2015 school year are:

  • Becky Wetherell, President
  • Gladys Sibayan Braun, Vice-President
  • Patti Wardlaw, Past President
  • Nicole Sylvestre, Secretary
  • Donnell Iosifelis, Treasurer
  • Larry Scammel, Director – Findraising
  • Lee Brocklebank, Director – Gaming and Casino

Both the President and Treasurer positions are 2-year terms, with each being filled on alternate years to provide for continuity.  All other positions have 1-year terms.

CAA Staff Advisors / Representatives

  • Josh Van Beers, Principal
  • Michelle Stonehouse, Glenmeadows Campus Liaison
  • Kevin Loftus, Communications Liaison
  • Jan Jordan, Finance Liaison
  • Nancy Williams, Teacher Representative
  • Chantelle Laforet, Teacher Representative
  • Janice Nigh, Art Harvest Liaison
  • Sayward Wilkinson Blanc, Glenmeadows Garden Coordinator / Liaison

Coordinators and Additional Volunteers:

  • Jeanette Boleantu, Advertising and Communications Coordinator
  • Kim Jackson, Advertising and Communications Coordinator
  • Patti Wardlaw, Assistant Treasurer and Art Harvest Coordinator
  • Becky Wetherell, Business Directory
  • Talia Dougall, Glenmeadows Halloween Dance Coordinator and Special Lunches Assistant – Glenmeadows
  • Solita Work, Graphic Artwork and Student Created Art Calendars Coordinator
  • Nicole Motter, Family Night Coordinator and Parent & Student Workshop Coordinator
  • Melissa Huber, Holiday Basket Raffle Coordinator
  • Laura Bicknell, Pancake Breakfast Coordinator
  • Tara Shupp, Pancake Breakfast Coordinator
  • Becky Leyden, Special Lunches Coordinator
  • Katie Marshall, Special Lunches Assistant – Knob Hill
  • Jen Prosser, Special Lunches Assistant – Glenmeadows
  • Linzy MacMillan, Staff Appreciation Lunch Coordinator – Glenmeadows
  • Sue Corbett, Staff Appreciation Lunch Coordinator – Knob Hill
  • Lisa Redditt, Student Created Art Cards Coordinator
  • Trynell Holland, SUTP Books Coordinator
  • Nicole Terry, Volunteer Hours Tracking
  • Carolyn Ferraby, Flower Fundraiser