How to Help

Calgary Arts Academy School Council is very active in our school.  Members are parents in our school and volunteer their time coordinating events such as the annual community pancake breakfast, special lunches for students, staff appreciation lunches, casinos and other fundraising activities, and student and parent seminars, to name only a small few of the many things they do.

How can you help?

First of all, to coordinate so many wonderful events requires the involvement of many volunteers.  Calls for volunteers are distributed to our community a variety of ways, primarily through the use of email. You can help by ensuring your email information is current and that you check your messages frequently.  In addition, you can help by volunteering.  Doing so helps fulfill your volunteer commitment to CAA, plus you’ll meet some awesome people and have a lot of fun!

You can also help by donating.  Some activities, such as certain fundraisers (holiday gift basket raffle, for example) and staff appreciation lunches require donations.

Another way to assist is by relaying your suggestions and ideas.  After all, the many successful events that School Council currently manages started with someone’s idea and suggestion.

Please send suggestions, questions and comments to