Calgary Arts Academy Research Partners:

University of Calgary

We are proud to become Research Practice Partners with University of Calgary’s Werklund School of Education. We have three research projects though University of Calgary.

1. Design for learning through a complexity perspective. This research is focused on creating learning environments to support students’ construction of their own knowledge and skills, through a game design project-based learning approach.

2. Literacy in the Green Room: A Phenomenological Inquiry into what it is like to Experience literacy within a Theatrical Space. This study will create a theatrical space in which students will communicate their experience of literacy and learn new ways of approaching literacy learning.

3. Social Justice as Citizenship: Understanding Youth Participation in School-Sponsored Student Groups. The focus of this research is on how youth understand social justice and how young people work within their school social justice and/or citizenship groups to make improvements in their schools, communities, and society more generally.

University of Alberta

We are also excited to become Research Practice Partners with University of Alberta’s Department of Educational Psychology along with Suzuki Public Charter school.

Identifying Formative Instructional and Assessment Strategies for Academic and Personal Excellence: Application of the LEAFF Model in K-6. This is a five-year project that explores the relationships between teachers and students within the context of teacher feedback. The Learning Errors and Formative Assessment (LEAFF) model is a learning and assessment model that provides simple and inclusive teaching practices to improve student-teacher engagement.