Free Parking – Year 6/7 Studies of National Parks

As part of their studies of National Parks, Year 6/7 students created websites and silent movies.

Click here to see their impressive work.

April 10, 2018 – the following message was received from Mira Goldberg-Poch, Program Coordinator at Hostorica Canada:

“My manager forwarded your students’ wonderful websites this morning. I’ve worked with the Canada’s Coolest School Trip program for the past couple years, and this knocked my socks off! What an ambitious (and very well done) project. I visited each of the websites, and without fail I was impressed at the time, energy, and care that was spent creating the sites. The research was done with care, and the effort each student put into their project was evident. Please pass along my best to your students – they should be immensely proud of themselves.”