We are pleased to partner with Southland Transportation to provide city-wide transportation to our students.

Applying for Bus Service

You can apply for bus service by contacting our transportation department at  Read the Transportation Handbook here.

Communicating Snow/Cold Days and Delays in Service

On school days, the school is always open. We always move forward with the assumption that buses will be operating. Each morning, school administration reviews the posted Environment Canada weather ( and determines if buses will be cancelled (the threshold is -40c with wind chill.) If buses are cancelled, we notify local radio stations to have the information broadcasted. As well, an e-mail message will be sent by 7:45 a.m. to all families on the e-mail list. Regardless of whether or not the buses are operating, the school will remain open.

Check for bus delays

Other Inquiries

Inquiries can be directed to the school at phone (403) 229-3010, or fax (403) 229-3034 or by email at

Southland e-notice to Parents

Once you have signed up for busing for the 2015-2016 school year, you can sign up to receive emails from Southland regarding the status of your child’s bus.  Click here to find out how.

Bus Routes:

   Route A - Effective October 16, 2017272.6 KiB
   Route B - Effective November 13, 2017269.7 KiB
   Route C - Effective November 13, 2017269.8 KiB
   Route D - Effective November 13, 2017271.5 KiB
   Route F - Effective November 13, 2017270.3 KiB
   Route E - Effective October 16, 2017315.7 KiB

Changes are made frequently to the bus schedules and routes.  For the most current information, please contact