Our Culture

We believe that a transparent culture encourages collaboration and facilitates risk-taking, sharing and an elevation in practice.

The culture of Calgary Arts Academy facilitates the creative process through a focus on connecting unexpected people, places, objects and ideas.

Our culture is unique and enables students to flourish in an Arts Immersion environment. As such, we have a continuous, expanding focus on our professional knowledge, understanding and facilitation of the knowledge, principles and goals associated with:

  1. Circle of Courage
  2. Democratic Discipline
  3. Learning contracts
  4. Developmental Assets

Progress reported to parents reflects the student’s success, not failures.

We have created a culture and atmosphere that fosters change agency.  CAA staff members feel empowered in their professional practice – ‘risk taking’ is encouraged and mistakes are allowed.

School administration readily supports requests for educational materials and professional development opportunities.  Suggestions for improvements to the school’s programs and operations are encouraged and supported.