About Us

In 2002/2003, a group of concerned parents and community members gathered to discuss the possibility of starting a school that would be different; a school that focuses on the student as its first and only customer; a school that leaves tradition behind and embraces new educational methods and learning style theories.

We soon discovered that it is indeed possible to do this. We had the basics; parents and students who would be interested in such a school if it existed, and a legal means by which to achieve this.

To make a long story short, Alberta Education approved our charter in May of 2003. We received the physical location, Glenmeadows School, in mid-August, 2003. With a planned opening of September 5, 2003 we did not have much time to prepare the school (clean it, clean the grounds, source and purchase furniture and educational materials, orient the staff, etc.)

The Magic of Calgary Arts Academy was born.

Volunteers appeared as if out of no where. No task was too large for these remarkable people. Windows were washed, gardens were cleaned, lawns were mowed, artwork and furniture were placed, fences painted, and so on. We are forever grateful for what these folks did.

Throughout the buzz, the teachers were on-site for professional development. By September 5, we were ready. Three busses as well as parents and car pools delivered our students for the first exciting day.

In August, 2007, we opened our Middle School Campus at Knob Hill School. Currently, we have a total enrollment of 515 students, with an expanding wait list.

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