Ms. Lori Kearney Visual Artist

  • Email
  • Favourite art form Visual art
  • Hometown Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Favourite movie Freedom Writers
  • Favourite food Nachos
  • Favourite music Rhythm and blues
  • Favourite play Everything Goes
  • Favourite quote It's not about the destination, but rather the journey.
  • Hobbies Playing guitar, drawing, painting, cooking
  • Something not commonly known about me I play bass in a band.

Lori Kearney has worked as a resident visual artist at Calgary Arts Academy since 2003 and was involved with the writing of the original charter.

She attended the University of Calgary and took courses in the Bachelor of Education and Fine Arts program and is well versed in working with special needs children.  She is skilled in many mediums including painting, sculpting, mural paintings and mosaics.

She loves working in an environment that supports its community and working with people who are passionately driven to shift the paradigm about how children learn.