Mr. Jason Lindsay Director of Physical Education

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  • Hometown Calgary, Alberta
  • Favourite Art Form Dance
  • Favourite movie Braveheart
  • Favourite food Roast beef
  • Favourite music U2
  • Favourite quote Arts, Philosophy, Healing and Athletics … We consider them as Sciences. - Aristotle
  • Hobbies Camping, hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, climbing
  • Something not commonly know about me Most people don't know that when I have the chance, I love to sit on the couch and do nothing. It is a rare time that I get to do this, so it is special when the opportunity arises.

Jason has been with Calgary Arts Academy since the beginning in 2003.

He first met Dale Erickson when he did his student teaching and subsequent contracts at Willow Park Elementary School in 2000.  In his teaching career, Jason has taught at an emerging arts school (Willow Park,) a traditional school (Pineridge Elementary) and finally and most significantly, at Calgary Arts Academy!

Mr. Lindsay has taught most subject in Years Kindergarten to Year 9 and  he is well versed in the history and nuances of the school.

He cherishes the fact that teachers and artists are encouraged to take creative risks with their program planning and delivery.  Every day is a new day at Calgary Arts Academy!